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Second opinion on imaging examinations and how important is it?

Usually in most of the diagnostic imaging departments in most of the world general radiologists make the reports of imaging examinations. It is not necessarily bad, but sometimes it is less problem oriented than reports given by radiologists with subspeciality. For example it is better and sometimes crucial to get a report by a neuroradiologist, that does only brain and spine imaging.
The approach to the scan will be different, most of the time it will be also given after a conversation with the patient to get the full details of the clinical situation. Many times the order to the diagnostic exam is missing a lot of important information. The conversation between the neuroradiologist to the patient can clear the situation and help to understand the scan.

The report can be given after 7-14 days after the scan is done. Uploading the scans to the site will get you to the report within 24 hours, in the working hours even less!

After the report is in your hands sometimes a second opinion can clear the situation and open new vision to the differential diagnosis and treatment needed. Also help to find the best medical treatment and doctor will be given.

The payment to the second opinion is most of the time refunded by the NMO (Kupat holim and private security).Iit can be checked easily in your insurance company.


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