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 Applying to the sec-opinion.com I will be glad to help with reporting imaging scans' as well as consulting about which modality to use and to whom to apply for second opinion.

There are often uncertainties about which modality is better: MRI or CT. The MRI is not causing radiation because it uses high field magnet with radio waves, and not X-ray radiation as the CT. however, there are indications for the use of CT in spite of the radiation, for example in trauma cases or imaging of the ear.

There is variability between the radiological institutes in performing CT and MR scans. My knowledge with the system for many years I can assist with the questions about where to do the scans and which modality is better. Also, who is the best referral for consulting after the scan.

If there is a need for a face to face meeting is needed it is also possible, not only by phone or mail.

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