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The screening procedure of choice for fetal imaging is US. Nowadays every pregnant woman undergo at least 3 US examinations during the pregnancy, including first and second screening examination.

Most of the pregnancies are proceeding normally, and there is no need for other diagnostic procedures. In the last ten years the use of MR scan has increased. The MR is indicated in cases with abnormal US examination or when the US is not technically sufficient. In these cases MR can add information that is critical. This information can help decide whether to continue or interrupt the pregnancy.

The MR scan for the fetus is complex and difficult; therefore it is performed in few centers in Israel. I will be happy to consult both parents before the MR and escort the couples during the MR scan if the referral will be before the scanning. After the scan, the second opinion is sometimes crucial, because the understanding of the findings is difficult and the experience is not fully established in the medical literature in the world. I am often asked about the hazards of fetal MR scan. Well- up to date there is no data on side effects or hazards, so the MR scan is considered safe for the fetus and of course for the mother.

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