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How to load your CD?

1. On your desktop open a new folder  with your full name (first and last name)
    Desk top>right click>new>file
2. Put your CD with the scan in the folder in your computer.
3. Close the application, it is usually opening automatically.
4. Go to "my computer" than right click on the correct  folder  and press navigate
5. In the new window you will be able to see the entire content of the CD. Press Ctrl A to choose all and CtrlCtp copy all,
    or right click> copy
6. Go back to the desktop and open the file you opened (section 1)
7. Next step is to press CtrlV or right click and paste
8. Now, after the entire content was copied close the file
9. Press right click on the closed file and choose the option " Add to archive"
    In the new window choose the option ZIP and then press OK.
    You will see a new window with the same name on the desktop. The new file will look like this:

If you don't have the software you can download it from FREE-ZIP

10. Now go back to the internet site
11. Put the details to the correct place in the table.
     Choose ZIP file after pressing the browse button and choosing it from the desktop and press the button send this file.

  * Please make sure you put the correct name and telephone number
  * If you have more than 1 scan you have to repeat the procedure again for each scan separately

For help call +972 54 4273195 or +972 52 4480548 or leave your information here


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