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Both CT and MR scan are performed for the diagnosis of neurological conditions.
The indications for CT scan and MR scan are different. The CT scan is using X-rays for the imaging, therefore it is not recommended for the pediatric population and for pregnant women. The indications for CT scan are in cases of head trauma (skull fractures and acute bleed are better demonstrated with the CT scan). Also for the imaging of the internal ear CT is better than MR.

The MR is based on magnet and radio waves, and not radiation, so it is safer for use. The MR scan is better for the detection of brain tumors or white matter diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, or small vessel disease in the brain in conditions like diabetes or hypertension.

Sometimes it is necessary to combine both CT and MR scan for accurate diagnosis. Consulting before the imaging is performed I will try to advise which imaging modality will be suitable for the medical condition. After the scan is performed I will do my best to reach the correct diagnosis and for explaining the report.

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